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Cinzia Araia was born in Venice in 1974.

You might say that shoemaking runs in her blood – her father was a shoemaker in the riviera del brenta. She started out in the family business and it was here that she first came into contact with the international brands working in the area. Then, having graduated in shoe design, she began to develop collections for famous italian brands.

But Cinzia was driven by her own personal vision and she launched the Cinzia Araia brand in 2010 to fulfill her own creative passion. The Cinzia Araia collection is now exhibited at the 88 showrooms in Milan and Paris.

The new Cinzia Araia collections are an embodiment of the designer . They embrace her libertarian aesthetic and provide an outlet for the darker facets of her personality. The contradictory focus of her work is structure and deconstruction with a tendency towards the gothic. Cinzia breaks down styles, but with a very organic and fluid approach that perfectly complements the human anatomy. Her designs are elegant and tough, engaging with classic styles yet gritty enough for a very urban context. With years of experience and full knowledge of the shoe making process behind her, she thrives on the challenge of taking that process further, discovering new forms and structures. This evident play of composition and decomposition makes every season a new exciting experiment.